Petersen Automotive Museum

James Hetfield's Rock Star Cars Vroom Into LA

The Metallica musician's collection of custom automobiles are on view at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

Petersen Automotive Museum

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  • Petersen Automotive Museum
  • Through Nov. 1, 2020
  • With paid admission

Music that drives hard, that thumps with gusto, that pushes a listener into a new land, a new space, a fresh way of seeing things? Really robust rock and deep-thinking metal has accomplished just those things, for decades now, for millions of happy fans.

So saying that there's a strong connection between our aural experiences of a song or album, and how it can deliver that feeling of movement, is to state something a lot of people know.

Thus metal and motors? Both share several hard-driving, get-going, find-your-way-up-the-mountain qualities.

James Hetfield, a star who known for his vocals and searing guitar stylings with Metallica, has long grokked to the metal-motor movement in his own life. He's been a devoted collector of cars, but not just any everyday automobiles, the kind you might see most anywhere. Rather, the beauties in his carful coterie are of the most custom, unique, one-and-one-alone variety.

Ten of those auto-strong artworks just went on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum on the Miracle Mile, giving fans of both Mr. Hetfield's music prowess and his most excellent taste in one-of-a-kind vehicles a treat for the ears and eyes.

"Reclaimed Rust: The James Hetfield Collection," an exhibit that "... celebrates Hetfield's creativity as a world-renowned artist through his built-from-scratch custom car collection and photos," is on display in the mid-city museum's Bruce Meyer Family Gallery.


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Some highlights? A 1948 Jaguar "Black Pearl" is in the gallery, as well as an Auburn "Slow Burn" from 1946.

Are you a metal maven, a devotee of custom cars, or very much both? "Reclaimed Rust" will keep the notes pumping and the custom cool vibing through the first day of November in 2020.

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