JANM Time Capsule: Write Your Future Self

Join a globe-spanning, glee-sweet art event, one that will reach far into 2035.

Survey all the weeks on the calendar, and then pinpoint the one that's all about reflection of the past, future ponderings, deep wishes, and goals.

If you picked your birthday week, well, that feels right, true, but we all share down-the-road yearnings at the start of a new year. And whether that involves us listing resolutions, or writing a note to our end-of-the-year self, is up to us.

Should you be feeling this impulse rather strongly at the moment, and if you're ready to gaze well beyond the end of 2017, allll the way to 2035, in fact, make your next resolution this one: Pay the Japanese American National Museum a visit on Sunday, Jan. 8.

That's Jan. 8 in 2017, not 2035, though the effervescent, big-of-joy Time After Time Capsule Workshop will have that not-so-distant year in mind. Led by artist Sebastian Masuda, the free workshop is all about stocking "two giant time capsules — one shaped like Hello Kitty and one shaped like Domo, the official mascot of Japan's public broadcaster NHK!"

So show with "a cherished personal item" or spend a few minutes at the museum jotting a note to the person you'll be in 2035.

Which'll basically be you, only older and even more awesome. (We're predicting this, pretty accurately, if we might take such a liberty.)

There are a number of capsules involved in this mega project, and a Tokyo 2020 visit for the capsules is in the works, as well as a 2035 return to the respective cities where the time vaults were filled, long ago, back in 2017.

That means you already have an event to add to your 2035 datebook: See what you submitted for the time capsule back on Jan. 8, some 17 years earlier.

As mentioned, this is free, and the capsules will be on display at the Little Tokyo-located institution through Jan. 29 (though do note that museum admission will be required after the Jan. 8 free day wraps).

A beautiful bonus? The Oshogatsu Family Festival will also be happening on Jan. 8, further creating an atmosphere of community and creativity, one that should enhance that letter you'll pen to future you.

The festival, too, is free to join, and it also has some forward-looking-ness, as The Year of the Rooster, which is upcoming, is the theme.

If you've visited Tokyo's Harajuku district, then you know Mr. Masuda's store and its affection for kawaii. But there's a chance to get acquainted with the fizzy-fun sweetness that kawaii embraces by taking part in the future-forward workshop right here in LA, at the Japanese American National Museum.

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