‘JAWS' Swims for the June Cinespia Line-up

The summertime scarerer'll be joined by "The Goonies" and "Princess Mononoke."

What to Know

  • Hollywood Forever cemetery
  • June 1-29, Saturday nights
  • $12-$20

It may be challenging to predict exactly when you'll spy a great white shark in the ocean, as the magnificent aquatic superstars tend to keep to their own schedule, routes, and feeding needs, without posting those feeds to, well, their feeds.

But you can predict when you'll encounter the most famous cinematic shark of all time: In the days leading up to Fourth of July.

That's because "JAWS," the 1975 Steven Spielberg-helmed blockbuster, takes place around Independence Day, making it a solid go-to pick for future summertime film schedulers.

And thus it shall be so, on Saturday, June 22, when the famous gill-rocker glides onto the screen at Hollywood Forever cemetery as part of the Cinespia June 2019 schedule. 

The June roster for the popular outdoors movie series, which is presented by Amazon Studios, was announced on April 24, and tickets are on sale now.

In addition to your heart-pounding trip to Amity Island?

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Famous concert films to shimmer on the big screen at the Academy Museum

You can call upon the craggy caves of the Pacific Northwest, with "The Goonies," on Saturday, June 1, or celebrate in South Beach style at a screening for "The Birdcage" on Saturday, June 8.

The perfect "Princess Mononoke" goes enjoys an adventure on June 15 while the '90s shall "My Sharona"-up the final Saturday night in June, when "Reality Bites" holds snappy sway.

Tickets are $12 to $20, and while picnicking is allowed and traditional at the movie nights, you'll want to get the information on what's permitted as part of your picnic.

You may desire a bigger boat, but tall chairs aren't allowed, so keep size requirements for your gathering in mind.

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