Jedi Fly for ‘Star Wars' Day at OC Zoo

Costume up for a day of photos, activities, and animal learning.

What to Know

  • Saturday, June 16
  • OC Zoo at Irvine Regional Park in Orange
  • $2

Naming a beastie from the "Star Wars" universe?

That's a task that's both easy and peasy. You might shout out "Tauntaun" first, in tribute to those great runners of the planet Hoth, or perhaps you'd name that shaggy, well-tusked, bovine-like behemoth of Tatooine, the Bantha.

And is anyone here for the bog-lovin' Dragonsnake of Dagobah? Woot woot.

There are so many critters clustered around the various worlds and outposts seen in the "Star Wars" stories that it is difficult to list them all, but getting to know all of the animals who reside at OC Zoo makes for a pleasant and educational Saturday outing.

And if you like your Saturday outings and your animal-based discoveries with a twist of "Star Wars"-style sweetness, turn your landspeeder in the direction of the Orange animal park on Saturday, June 16. 

That's when "Star Wars" Day returns to the zoo, bringing with it "'Star Wars' characters, crafts, games, and photo opportunities!"

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And added super-special bonus?

Miss this one, do not, as Yoda might advise: If your kid is age 12 or under, and happens to be in costume, and happens to be one of the first 100 kids to show on June 16, in costume, they'll score a free train ride at nearby Irvine Park Railroad.

Oh yes, and a gift, too.

But know that, whether you're a kid or not, "(a)ll visitors are encouraged to come in costume." The upshot? If you've been wanting to try out your Rey or Finn apparel, a month out from Comic-Con International in San Diego, this might be the perfect place to do so.

OC Zoo puts the focus on celebrating the animals and plants found around the Southwestern United States. A morning spent at the nature destination is a fantastic way to learn more of the fauna and flora that are, in some cases, just outside our front doors.

Admission is two dollars and parking is $5, dear Jedi, Tauntauns, and Dragonsnakes of Southern California.

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