Join a Free, At-Home Holiday Cookies & Milk Baking Class

The Institute of Culinary Education'll lead an at-home seminar that's as sweet as such classes come.

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What to Know

  • Monday, Dec. 14 at 10 a.m. PST
  • Free instruction (ingredients and kitchen tools are extra, so please prep those in advance)
  • Holiday snickerdoodles and vanilla bean milk

Just when you thought the baking was done, and the pecan pies had cooled and been gratefully devoured, something even larger and more luscious looms on the holiday horizon: the seasonal cookie.

This could be a Christmassy bite, in the shape of a snowman, or a sweet that recalls a Hanukkah dreidel, or a simple round biscuit that boasts the hues of the holidays.

But you know that, very soon, the cookie sheets will be on your counter, the butter will be softening, and you'll be pondering the cookie plates you'd like to put together for neighbors and friends in a show of thanks.

The Institute of Culinary Education, which has appetizing outposts in both New York and Los Angeles, wants to help those bakers who are already setting their sugar-laden sights on the cookies of December.

And to do so? They're making a virtual baking class totally free.

Well, you'll need the ingredients, tools, and such ready to go in your own kitchen, of course. But the instruction part is complimentary, meaning you'll be able to enjoy a top-notch online sweets seminar without paying a thing.

The date is Dec. 14, 2020, just when you're starting to wonder what treats you'll want to leave out for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

The theme? If snickerdoodle is your mostest favoritest indulgence ever, you're in some kind of Christmas-lovely luck. And on the side of the snickerdoodles you'll make?

Vanilla bean milk, which will also be part of the free instruction.

And something that's as nice as the free-to-join spirit of this sweets-oriented event? It's for all ages, so, for sure, ask your kids to apron-up.

You'll want to register first, so start here, then circle the 14th for a fun and free way to connect with your baking skills, the young bakers in your household, and a great culinary institute, all at the same snickerdoodle-scented time.

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