Join a Free Lunar New Year Party at The Original Farmers Market

A pup adoption will play an adorable part in the Year of the Dog festivities.

What to Know

  • Sunday, Jan. 28
  • Third & Fairfax
  • Noon to 5 o'clock

Saying a hearty "hello" to the future in an auspicious and hope-filled manner can involve number of different traditions and pastimes, it's true. And, just as often, a reveler will want to find a joyful location, the sort of future-greeting spot that is already laden with good vibes.

The Original Farmers Market is organically such a location, and not just because you can buy organic produce and fresh foods there throughout the year. Consider that the historic public market is one of our city's most convivial meet-up, hang-out, chat-eat destinations, a place that perennially possesses a positive atmosphere, much like its next-door neighbor, The Grove.

Making both ideal settings for a lively Lunar New Year celebration. And that we're heading into the Year of the Dog? And dogs are already much-associated with the clocktower'd landmark at Third & Fairfax, given the presence of The Dog Bakery and regular adoption events?

The sense it all makes is beyond satisfying. So best get out, on a lovely, warm Sunday, to help usher in the Lunar New Year at a celebration co-helmed by The Grove and The Original Farmers Market.

Lion dances, dragon dances, Chinese calligraphy, martial arts, Beijing opera, K-POP dance, a tea ceremony, dumpling-making demos, crafts fun, and other activities will fill five festive hours on Sunday, Jan. 28.

As if things couldn't get more festive, what we're about to say puts this party higher on the scale of Most Festive Things Ever: It's free.

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Michaelson Found Animals and Wags and Walks will be holding pup adoptions, too, so be sure to stop by, bend a knee, scratch a fluffy ear, and fall in love. (All just suggestions, do note, but strongly worded suggestions.)

"(A)ctivities just for dogs" will also weave, with a woof, through the afternoon.

Where to go? Gilmore Lane, near The Grove, will be the scene of much of the auspicious action beginning at 2 p.m., as will The Plaza near the north clocktower. That's where the bash begins at noon.

Embracing the future, with cheer? It's done daily, around The Grove and The Original Farmers Market, by visitors and locals meeting friends for a quick bite, catching a movie, doing some shopping, and basking in sunbeams, which just naturally seem sunbeamier at Third & Fairfax.

Joining a tradition-packed celebration that looks to the future in such a positive place? Easy to do, and free, too, on Sunday, Jan. 28.

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