‘Jurassic Quest' to Roar in Anaheim and Ventura

The experience, which is rife with large-scale dinosaurs, moves back indoors after several months as a drive-thru adventure.

Jurassic Quest

What to Know

  • Anaheim Convention Center from Dec. 29, 2021 through Jan. 2, 2022
  • Ventura County Fairgrounds from Jan. 15-17, 2021
  • Tickets start at $19

The traditions we observe throughout late November and all of December, as well as those customs and pastimes associated with early January, do have a charming tendency to stretch back a few years.

In fact, we could call some of our most festive observances on the older side, especially if these special holiday-themed must-dos have been in the family for decades.

But something far older than even the oldest treat we bake or ornament we hang is stomping into Southern California as 2021 concludes and 2022 begins with a rollicking roar: The life-sized dinosaurs of "Jurassic Quest."

True, these are newer builds, animatronic replicas that look convincingly like colossal critters that lived eons ago, but dinosaurs, as a real-world concept, are some of the wayback-iest wonders around.

And our kids? There isn't a brontosaurus, quaesitosaurus, or pterodactyl that can't name (and proceed to spout a million amazing facts about).

Which has made this on-the-road spectacular a popular draw for families, especially those households that include one or more dino devotees.

Where to go, though, to encounter "... more than 100 life-like dinosaurs, dinosaur-themed rides and attractions, live dinosaur shows, interactive science and art activities," and photo opportunities, too?

Not to mention a "Triceratots" area for younger guests, and a place to coo over dinosaur babies, including Cammie the Camarasaurus, Tyson the T-Rex, and Trixie the Triceratops?

This is news worth roaring over: "Jurassic Quest" will visit Anaheim in the final days of December 2021, and the very start of 2022.

And if you miss it in Orange County? The prehistoric fun'll land in Ventura around the middle of January.

If you recall the experience's recent visits to the region, you'll remember it popped up as a drive-thru at the Rose Bowl, giving guests a chance to observe all of the Jurassic action from a car.

The upcoming events are again happening indoors. You can read about the safety procedures and policies at the "Jurassic Quest" site before making your ticket purchase.

And tickets? They start at $19, which is considerably less money than building a time machine back to the Cretaceous or Triassic periods.

Two periods, by the by, that will also be highlighted at the large-scale dino-tacular, in addition to all things Jurassic.

Helping to highlight just what these long-ago animals were like? "Leading paleontologists" weighed in on the dinosaur construction from the get-go.

A team of scientists worked with the "Jurassic Quest" producers "... to ensure each dinosaur is painstakingly replicated in every detail, from coloration to teeth size, to textured skin, fur or feathers, drawing on the latest research about how we understand dinosaurs and ancient giants of the sea looked and moved."

Ancient giants, by the by, which include megalodon, a beastie that also puts in an impressive cameo at the experience. You might even say the 50-foot-long water dweller makes something of a "splash."

Is your child receiving dinosaur toys, dinosaur jammies, and/or dinosaur books in the days ahead?

Whisk your aspiring paleontologist to a spot boasting dozens of almost-real dinosaurs, for a few dazzling, big-of-teeth, shiny-of-scale hours, in Anaheim and Ventura.

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