‘Kaleidoscope Experience' Swirling in DTLA on 4/20

The "multi-sensory playground" will debut in DTLA on 4/20 Eve, for two days only.

What to Know

  • April 19 and 20, 2019
  • The Globe Theatre in DTLA
  • $45 general admission

Of all of the calendar's notable dates, 4/20, or the 20th of April, if you prefer, already kind of rocks a Saturday-like spirit, thanks to all of its plentiful vibes.

That 4/20 will actually be on a Saturday in 2019 feels especially spotlight-worthy, and a two-day pop-up is making the most of the auspicious moment.

It's the Kaleidoscope Experience, a "multi-sensory playground for adults" from the creative directors behind autumn's ever-atmospheric LA Haunted Hayride. 

But don't round up your 4/20-loving friends and make for Griffith Park, nope.

Rather, the Kaleidoscope Experience will dance into downtown, at The Globe Theatre, on both 4/20 Eve and 4/20 itself.

So, yes: April 19 and 20 are your dates, though if you want to say 4/20 Eve, and 4/20, well, like, that's your flow. You know?

A general admission ticket to the event, which includes "live music, video games, magic, arts & crafts, special performances," and more, is $45. Note that there are ticket-attached "sessions," including both evenings and Saturday afternoon, so choose the time of your visit accordingly.

Oh yes. This is important. There's a Tater Tot buffet, too, because of course there is. Another "of course" to add? It's an all-you-can-eat situation. 

Of course.

After you've had your potato-perfect fill, be sure to visit the blacklight mini golf course, the one themed to "Alice in Wonderland," or the Homemade Pillow Fort. 

A Cosmic Prophet Zen Lounge will be part of the whoa-ful scene, as will a silent disco.

Are you looking for a 4/20-inspired outing? Are you an adult, with $45, that likes to eat small spuds after some quality time putt-putt-ing by blacklight and shimmying to the music heard inside your headphones?

Start here, revelers, for a cosmic downtown dalliance of a distinctly vivacious variety.

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