KCRW Launches Its First-Ever ‘Summer Club'

SoCal's legendary source of new music and fresh ideas is upping the digital vibe in a host of innovative ways.


What to Know

  • Free to members; $1 donation from non-members (though you can donate $30 and up and enjoy Fringe Benefits membership perks
  • Several virtual events coming up, including a show devoted to albums we loved in high school
  • Trivia and food are on the calendar, too

Attending a concert in July or August, one that has "KCRW" on the banner as a presenter or co-host?

It's a tradition for thousand of Southern California music lovers.

And it matters not if you're at the Hollywood Bowl, catching a show devoted to world beats, or a museum that's featuring a KCRW DJ as part of a special evening: You're in the flow, the mix, the mood of one of the planet's great sources for new music, dynamite artists, and ideas that pop.

The summer of 2020 hasn't been popping, though, like years past, and understandably so: The pandemic has altered how we enjoy tunes and live talk.

But it hasn't changed our desire to be uplifted by music and connect with others who are also enjoy being uplifted by music.

KCRW is coming through for us once again, thanks to the brand-new "Summer Club."

The "eclectic array of interactive virtual events" will include "music to improv, potlucks to trivia, to wrestlers & aerialists & rollergirls," as well as appearances by KCRW DJs and special guests.

Coming up? "This Album Saved My Teen Years" will deliver the Big Feels to participants on Aug. 5. It's an interactive roundtable of music-loving smarties, and they'll be considering "all the best music that soothed the awkward sting of teenage angst."

"With submissions and participation by the audience, album snippets, and storytelling, this could easily turn into a (sorry-not-sorry) singalong," shared KCRW.

We're in.

A trivia night is up on Aug. 13, while the Good Food Summer Potluck will fill hearts and tums around the middle of August (check out the submission dates and all you need to know to throw your hat, or rather dish, into the ring).

If you're a KCRW member, all of this vibrant fun is of the freest assortment. Not a member?

Donate a buck or more to join in, or go for $30, and find yourself plunk inside the KCRW Fringe Benefits membership level. Find out all the need-to-knows now.

In-person concerts are off in the summer of 2020, but at-home music-based wanderings and adventures of the mind, soul, and stomach await.

KCRW hasn't canceled its cool calendar, and we're ready to sail along its ever-good vibes as summer concludes.

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