Kid-Cool ‘Spooky Science' Opens at Discovery Cube

Attend the Monster Academy, and find frightful fun in nifty experiments, in Santa Ana.

What to Know

  • Oct. 6-31, 2018
  • Santa Ana
  • General admission

Magic, is well... magic.

Which means that when a wizard suddenly vanishes in a movie, or a cat flies in a fairy tale, we don't have to dig too deeply or diligently for the whys and wherefores, understanding, as we do, that we're enjoying something fanciful and fictional.

But on this mortal plane, in this prism of existence, there are way-cool happenings of the slightly eerie kind that happen to rock the scientific backing.

And introducing our young'uns to these sorts of mind-broadening, science-solid adventures can be as exciting as, well, a cat sprouting wings.

Where, though, to find neato, child-approved activities that are both Halloween-y and backed by provable ideas and techniques?

Why at the Discovery Cube OC, of course, which takes on a bit of a ghoulish vibe each October, thanks to "Spooky Science Presents: Monster Academy."

The overarching outlook? As kids "(b)ecome immersed" in the world of celebrated monsters, they'll journey through several experiments involving "reflection and fading, mixing potions, and getting creative in the light and electricity DIY Lab."

The names of some of the activity-packed areas intrigue: The BeWitchery and Bolton's Shock Lab are two spots your family will visit, but there are others. 

For example, can you assist a student vampire in finding his reflection in not just any mirror but an infinity mirror?

Neato stuff for the kid who digs education with an eerie-weird vibe. 

How to find all of this frightfully fun learning? At the Discovery Cube OC, in Santa Ana, from Oct. 6 through Oct. 31. 

How to nab a ticket? Your admission to the brain-building institution is all that's required for Monstery Academy entry.

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