Kid-Fun Slime-tacular to Ooze in Tustin

SoCal Slime Bonanza 4 will include both VIP slimers and "rising slimers," too.

What to Know

  • Sunday, April 28
  • The District at Tustin Legacy
  • $5-$45

Easter eggs, as in the pastel-hued, plastic, open-in-the-middle orbs that kids often find in their baskets, were once employed to solely hold jelly beans and coins (nickels, yes, dimes, sometimes, quarters, on occasion).

But recent years have seen a marked uptick in all things oozy, inside eggs, and glittery, and moldable, too.

And if your tots didn't get enough slime over the holiday, there's a place where the pull-apart, color-popping mush stuff'll soon reign supreme.

Or slime-preme, we mean.

Of course, slime, as a creative concept, has been around for decades, but YouTube and Instagram have helped catapult the squeezy goop into the realm of superstardom.

And a number of "VIP slimers" as well as "rising slimers" will call upon The District at Tustin Legacy on Sunday, April 28 for SoCal Slime Bonanza 4, a super-duper slime convention.

The hosts? Squishintime and Sslimegirls. Set to show? Stell of @stellaslimesbystella, with mom Tori Spelling. For sale? Gobs of goopy, glorious slime, purveyed by "(m)ore than 40 of SoCal's most popular slimers."

Tickets run, er, ooze from $5 to $45 for the midday event, which will run, or, um, ooze, yes, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the final Sunday of April. 

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