Kidspace's ‘Muddy Boot Farm' Is Growing Farm-to-Table Knowledge

Children are learning about planting, crops, and harvesting food in a light-hearted space that encourages curiosity.

Kidspace Children's Museum

What to Know

  • Kidspace Children's Museum in Pasadena
  • Through Saturday, Dec. 31
  • Included with Kidspace admission

There were plenty of muddy boots around Southern California just days after November 2022 began, thanks to the remarkably damp weather.

But finding a wonderful place called Muddy Boot Farm? That's something rather different, and delightful, and brimming with joy, discovery, and curiosity.

The "farm" in this case isn't an actual farm, with barnyard animals and vast acres full of fruits and vegetables; rather, it is a pop-up exhibit created for younger tots, all to introduce them to some of the concepts behind planting, growing, and the farm-to-table food world.

Muddy Boot Farm boasts a farm stand, giving children the chance to sort and sell what they've grown, and opportunities to try out a trowel and roll a wheelbarrow.

And hobnobbing with hens at a "silly chicken coop"? That, too, is part of the farm's fanciful but rooted-in-reality charm.

"Muddy Boot Farm is a wonderfully silly space that will engage children in serious play and learning," said Lisa Clements, Kidspace CEO. 

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"We've designed the exhibit for a variety of ages and play styles, from digging and harvesting to sorting, weighing, selling, exploring, and of course plenty of imaginative role play."

"Plant growth cycles" are one focus, as well as how the goodies we love begin as small seeds.

Enjoying all of these educational outdoor experiences? They're part of admission to Kidspace, which is about to begin its cheerful holiday programming. For more information, dig into the Pasadena's museum site now.

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