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‘Kitten Showers' to Help Locals Eager to Foster

Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles, spcaLA, and several other groups will hold adorable "informal" events.

Best Friends Animal Society

What to Know

  • Kitten showers will take place on Saturday, March 26
  • "Informal" foster-themed events will be held at several local shelters and rescue centers, with games, information sharing, and more
  • Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles and other groups around the region are participating

If you've been to a baby shower or two, you know that the cute competitions that serve as the parties' sweet centerpieces often involve guessing, counting, and easy activities, and the cheery chance to share some smiles with friends and families.

But what might a game at a "kitten shower" be like?

Would you have to count the tiny pale beans that dot the underside of a kitten's petite paw? Guess how many whiskers a cat has, on average? Or see how long you can follow the light from a laser pointer as it dances across the carpet?

Surely the creative, cat-inspired games are plentiful, but when it really comes down to it, a kitten shower is all about pairing young felines with loving fosters.

And as we're quickly heading into the heartstring-tugging throes of "kitten season," placing wee babes with caring foster families is now more important than ever.

And helping to make those catly connections? Local rescue groups and shelters, of course.

Several animal rescues will hold kitten showers on Saturday, March 26, with the goal of matchmaking soft furbabies with super-nice human pals, new friends who can foster these little felines during the busy kitten season.

Kitten season begins around May each year, and concludes in the middle of fall. It's when "un-spayed female cats have most of their kittens," shares Best Friends Animal Society, and the time when human helpers, specifically people eager to foster a feline or two, are needed most.

"With kitten season right around the corner, we are asking everyone nationwide to raise their hands to help," said Julie Castle, CEO, Best Friends Animal Society.

"Whether you’re looking to post the ultimate cute on social media, need a daily dose of fun and silliness, or simply want to save lives and provide a kitten with a happy and healthy future, you can sign up to become a foster family today."

Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles, spcaLA, Los Angeles Animal Services, and several regional rescues will be hosting these "informal" showers, free events that will include "... games, refreshments and information about how to help save lives this kitten season by fostering."

That information will include all aspects of caring for tiny cats, how feedings work, and what you can expect when you sign up to foster.

These are in-person happenings, and there are several Los Angeles (and LA-close) locations to peruse on this page.

Want to host your own kitten shower or get involved however you can? The details are here.

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