Kitten Week Is on Meow at Pasadena Humane

The animal center is where it's cat for adoptions, free spaying and neutering, more.

Keeping up on your cat's needs, wants, fancies, hobbies, and interests?

It's a constant hum in your life, a forever-there commitment that you gladly think about each and every day, and by "each and every day" we mean hourly, or even half-hour-ly, or more frequently than that.

But staying up on all of the kittens who need homes, on the essential supplies required by the shelters who gladly take those wee whiskers in, and the other issues surrounding adopatable young cats?

It can pop up a little less often, in our minds, given our busyness.

Meow, though, is the time for Kitten Week, at the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA, a seven-day happening that's all about placing little cuties in forever homes, about the all-important spaying or neutering, about sending the call out for donated goods, and other catly topics of a critical nature.

The whole cuddly shebang trots right through Sunday, April 29 at the Raymond Avenue-based center.

No more dangling string before your eyes. Here's what's up during the week:

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If your cat or kitten needs that spay or neuter appointment, best make it pronto: The procedure is free through April 29 at Pasadena Humane. 

Also happening? It's 2-for-1 cat adoption time, which means if you find a fluffy new sweetie, they can have a friend to romp with, and you won't pay that second adoption fee.

There's also a donation drive on, so check out what is needed and swing by with the kitten-helping items, if you can.

Other fun feline to-dos, like a kitten nursery tour giveaway, are swishing their tails throughout Kitten Week, so rub your cheek over everything, like a cat so charmingly might do, now.

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