Knott's 2017: New Rides/Attractions Revealed

Sol Spin, a new Fiesta Village thriller, is just one of the additions to the Buena Park theme parks.

It's early November, which can only mean one thing: Time to start practicing writing "2017" in all the places you'll need to start writing it in only a matter of weeks.

You might even say the numbers out loud, by yourself, just to get used to them ("SEVENteen"), because it is mighty hard to believe that this decade is about to be three-quarters of the way done.

But 2017 already has a few festive treats in store, which should lower our "time's flying" stress: Knott's Berry Farm and Knott's Soak City Waterpark have revealed fresh additions and new attractions for the new year.

And while springtime is the slated moment for the openings, and not the first day of 2017, you can start planning with your pals now, which will provide everyone even more solid practice in saying "2017" (November and December are crunch time in the year-saying department, truly).

So what's new at Knott's Berry Farm, at least as of next spring? Sol Spin, a "thrilling topsy-turvy adventure" that takes guests "over 6 stories high" will open in Fiesta Village.

Are there "six spinning arms" that go all over the place? There are, so prepare to go upside down, right side up, and in a host of other directions.

And over at Knott's Soak City Waterpark, which gets going for the summer season in May? Prepare to gaze up at "two water slide towers" called Shore Break and The Wedge.

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Shore Break boasts an "Aqua-Launch chamber" in four of its slides, a feature that will indeed "launch" thrill-loving guests along the "translucent flume," while The Wedge is described as "an open air family raft ride" (it's headed for the spot formerly occupied by Pacific Spin).

As for non-ride, gotta-do-it events on the schedule? The Boysenberry Festival at Knott's Berry Farm will stickily 'n sweetly stretch out to 23 days in 2017, while Ghost Town Alive! returns to add some spur-shiny high jinks to the Old-West-y wonderland that's as famous as the theme park itself.

Other haps/reveals are to come, but look also for the opening of Boardwalk Barbecue over in the Boardwalk area.

Are you anticipating 2017 yet, specifically the springtime when the park and waterpark unveil a few laugh-it-out, spin-it-around spectacles? The new year is on the way — two thousand seventeen, practice saying it with us now — and, with it, a number of splashy SoCal attractions (in some cases, literally splashy).

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