Knott’s 2018 Reveal: HangTime ‘Dive’ Coaster

The "first dive coaster on the West Coast" will debut in the Buena Park theme park's Boardwalk area next summer.

Knott's Berry Farm

Perhaps you're just wrapping up your #summergoals right now, the gotta-do-its that involved you and your pals surfing at a dozen top beaches or eating at every California pier or riding every roller coaster located in the Golden State.

Best add one more coaster to that collection, if you plan on trying out that last plan in 2018. It's called HangTime, a massive steel roller coaster that will rise, rise, rise over the coming months in the Boardwalk area at Knott's Berry Farm.

The Buena Park theme park made the coaster-cool announcement on Wednesday, Aug. 16.

"Rise, rise, rise" may seem a touch dramatic, but consider this: HangTime is described as "the only dive coaster on the West Coast," which means it'll by a sky-toucher, or nearly, in order to fully deliver on the promise of the free-falling, everyone-say-wheeee dive.

"HangTime will send riders up a vertical lift hill into a raised 96-degree drop — the steepest drop in California," a representative of the theme park shared.

As for the promise of the coaster's catchy handle? Riders can expect to "come to a halt once the highest peak is reached," and if the mere thought of staying suspended for "several seconds at a 60-degree angle, giving the illusion of disappearing track" sends a jolt straight through to your toes, this is the ride of your dreams.

The coaster, which will stand at 150 feet, has no official open date beyond the summer of 2018.

HangTime does join the Knott's legacy of creative, push-the-envelope coasters, like Corkscrew ("the very first corkscrew inversion roller coaster") and Montezuma's Revenge ("the first flywheel launch coaster").

If you're a bit of a speed scholar, and a pro at all matters to do with tracks, inversions, and loop-di-loops, the coming of HangTime is something to anticipate. 

And if you and your buds are doing the whole coaster countdown next summer, best leave a day or two to try out the "disappearing track" of HangTime at Knott's Berry Farm. Keep an eye out for more details, and, if you just can't wait, jump on the 2018 pass now.

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