Knott's Scary Farm: The 2016 Reveals

A quartet of eeky attractions will soon make their shivery debuts at the Buene Park destination.

So say you're starring in a fright flick, the kind with plenty of shadows and attics and creaky stairways that disappear into bottomless cellars.

Suddenly the film's soundtrack quickens, and you know if you peek around the next corner it could be astonishingly bad. Do you A) depart the situation ASAP? Or do you B) peek?

Um, B), of course, forever and always, because you like fright flicks, and no spooky movie worth its monster is going to let the protagonist skip off into the sunshine, at least not in the first act. Best dig deep for your courage, then, and peek around the next corner, for Knott's Scary Farm, that annual maze-tacular in Buena Park, has made its 2016 reveals.

Oh, there's some wicked stuff, for sure, so pull your collar closer and step gingerly toward the Red Barn, a fearsome farm-like setting full of "carniverous animals," and The Hollow, where the none other than the Headless Horseman holds gallop-y court.

Those are new, you'll note if you've been in the past, along with two other eeky experiences waiting for their 2016 debuts: Shadow Lands and Black Ops: Infected.

Also fresh from the fright-making idea factory behind this annual autumn fest? Standalone Skeleton Key Rooms, which will involve different tasks and to-dos in different spots, like the Green Witch Room in Ghost Town and "a hay maze full of dead ends." Call these slightly different but still dastardly ways to get your scare on, apart from the traditional mazery.

But some mazes of yore shall return, those fan-frightening favorites like The Tooth Fairy and The Dead of Winter: Return of the Wendigo. A number of other passage-filled eekers will be back, too, so eye all to see if your ghoulish go-to is there.

On the comedy and dance side? Elvira's Danse Macabre'll keep things rather jovial, but still very much on goosebump-delivering theme for Halloween.

You don't need to wait for Halloween, though, to tremulously make your way to Knott's Berry Farm: The whole peek-around-the-corner scream-ening starts on Thursday, Sept. 22. 

Yes, we said "scream-ening." Is there any other way to approach a terror-filled tribute to The Tooth Fairy? Maybe viewing a few fright flicks at home, ahead of the opening, will help emboldened all who are ready to enter these real-life scare stories.

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