Knott's Spooky Farm Isn't Scary but Is Sweet

Want that Halloween-y theme park experience, without the frights?

What to Know

  • Weekend days from Sept. 29-Oct. 28, plus Halloween day
  • Buena Park
  • Knott's Berry Farm admission

The chasm between "scary" and "spooky"? 

It can be pretty wide, especially if you're a younger Halloween aficionado who loves all of the pumpkins and costumes and treats of this time of year, but not the startles and frightening sights that are tailored to a grown-up crowd. 

Finding a place that can cater to both sides of the eerie occasion can be a bit tricky, unless you're a famous and historic destination known for both adult-pleasing thrills as well as attractions that summon smiles from the smallest of tots.

It's Knott's, we're speaking about, as in Knott's Berry Farm, and the Buena Park destination will once again feature its monster-filled Knott's Scary Farm on select evenings, beginning on Sept. 20, and Knott's Spooky Farm over several weekend days.

Knott's Spooky Farm opens for 2018 on Saturday, Sept. 29, and frolics, merrily, each weekend day through Sunday, Oct. 28, as well as on Halloween.

It's all about the family fun, and the kid-cute happenings, so no scare shall be found within the Knott's gates, at least while the farm is "spooky" and not "scary."

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Happy highlights include pumpkin decorating, a costume contest (oh yes, there's a Peanuts theme), and the "newly expanded" trick-or-treating in Ghost Town.

Want to see some Creepy Critters of Calico? Oh boy, you can.

Eager to behold a perfect-for-young'uns magic show at the Calico Saloon? That's happening, too, as is the Halloween Hootenanny inside the Timber Mountain Log Ride.

A Trip to Camp Spooky, Spooky Story Time, and cookie decorating are also on the schedule. 

How to attend all of this under-the-sun spookiness? Admission to Knott's Berry Farm is your ticket to the not-at-all-terrifying to-dos.

To-dos that are daytime happenings, keep in mind, for after dark? Knott's Spooky Farm magically transmogrifies into Knott's Scary Farm.

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