Knott’s to Bring Back a ‘Bear-y’ Beloved Attraction

The ride, designed by the legendary Rolly Crump, shuttered in 1986, but a new 4-D version is on the way.

Knott's Bear-y Tales Rendering
Alysia Gray Painter

What to Know

  • 100th anniversary of Knott's Berry Farm
  • May 15-Aug. 30, 2020
  • Knott's Bear-y Tales: Return to the Fair is an "all-new 4-D interactive dark ride"

When the theme parks begin to reveal what they have in thrilling store for the year ahead — oh, along about November or December — fans start keeping an eye out for futuristic coasters, adrenaline-pumping racers, and the sorts of spinning spectaculars that throw people for a loop, literally.

But finding adorable inspiration in the past? From a long-gone, much-beloved attraction, one that shuttered nearly 35 years ago?

That doesn't happen too often, but, oh boysenberry, it's happening in 2020, just in time for Knott's Berry Farm to mark its 100th anniversary.

Oh yes, scholars of ye olde '80s-era Knott's nostalgia: Your bear buddies are coming back, in an "all-new 4-D interactive dark ride."

"Knott's Bear-y Tales: Return to the Fair" will hearken back to the homespun features seen in the popular attraction, which opened in 1975 and closed in 1986.

Remember this kid-pleasing adventure? It was created by Rolly Crump, a legend among legends in theme park design.

It's now 34 years along in the "Bear-y" universe, but the tail, er, tale that guests will encounter on the ride will possess the charming sights and sweetnesses seen in the original, as well as a host of new additions.

What will your ride vehicle roll by along the way? Keep your peepers peeled for Weird Woods, Fortune Teller Camp, and the Boysenberry Pie Factory, among other nostalgia-rich sights.

Oh yes, and speaking of boysenberry pies, you'll need to find the goodies that Crafty Coyote and his pups have snatched. Will your vehicle boast a jelly blaster? It will, so you may need to put that to work during your journey.

No official opening date has been set for this (jelly) blaster from the past, but fans of the Buena Park theme park should keep an eye on late spring and summer, from May 15 through Aug. 30, 2020, for 100th anniversary events to bubble up, like boysenberry jam cooking on the stove.

True, the theme park isn't marking its 100th in 2020, but the story of Walter and Cordelia Knott's famous berry farm stretches far further back into the annals of Orange County history.

Yep, there's some celebrating to do.

In short? We can bearly wait for the return of the bears we knew way back when. Did you grow up with them, too? Now your kids can know this cute, oh-so-Knott's-y attraction, too, one that's full of animal escapades, clever details, and loads of boysenberry pies, too.

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