Kogi BBQ Is Giving Away Tacos to ‘Those in Need'

The beloved taco pros are popping up around town to help people during this challenging moment.

Kogi BBQ

What to Know

  • Kogi BBQ is giving away 300 free taco plates "to those in need"
  • St. Mary's in Whittier in March 26
  • Drive-through only; please stay in your car

Kogi BBQ?

It's been there for so many Angelenos at so many memorable events.

In fact, seeing the Kogi BBQ truck pull up is a sure local sign that you're at a happy happening, one where the mood is fine and the conversation is true and whatever is going on, be it music or an outdoor movie, is going to be beyond solid.

But in these stay-at-home days, such moments must now be memories, and future hopes, for the time being, or so we thought.

It turns out Kogi BBQ is still there for the community, even during this challenging time, and the crew is popping up at spots around town to give away free taco plates "... to those in need."

LOTS of free taco plates, in fact, some 300 in all. They'll be in Whittier on March 26, from 11:30 a.m. to "sold out," courtesy of Ryan Tedder and One Republic.

First things first: This is "(o)pen to those need, first come first serve" is the word. Nice.

Next things next: You must stay in your car. That's the firm headline here: "DRIVE-THRU, STAY IN UR CAR." Good? Great.

Next things after that: Keep an eye on the Kogi BBQ Instagram, because the taco-ists may show up in your neighborhood soon.

Next things beyond that: Keep the message that ends the free taco post in mind: "We ♥ U" is the heart-strong message from the Kogi BBQ team.

That love is all about serving those in need during this time, and it comes direct from Roy Choi's enduring food favorite, a local institution that has done much for our community since it was founded over a decade ago.

Need more info? Kogi BBQ's got you.

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