Krysten Ritter On How ‘Marvel's Jessica Jones' Comes to a ‘Satisfying' End

"Marvel's Jessica Jones" will end after three seasons.

What to Know

  • "Marvel’s Jessica Jones" stars Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones.
  • The show will be released June 14th on Netflix.

Fans of "Marvel's Jessica Jones" will have one more chance to see her in action as Netflix gears up for season three. The streaming service is not picking up the show for a fourth season, leaving many fans to wonder if the current season will give closure to this complicated character.

The Netflix original series follows the challenges of Jessica Jones, one of the darker characters from Marvel comics. Jessica's life as a superhero tragically comes to an end. So she opens up shop as a detective in New York trying to solve cases involving people with special abilities. But she's conflicted with her own inner demons and ends up just trying to get through each day.

Star Krysten Ritter has played Jones for almost 5 years. During a recent interview, Ritter seemed at peace with where Jessica will end up.

"I think where we leave her is very satisfying," Ritter said. "I feel very proud of everything that we've gone through together."

When we last saw Jessica in season 2, it ended with a growing rift between Jones and her sister Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor). The latter, murdered Jones' mother in the season two finale, which Jones ultimately took the fall for.Some speculate that rift could lead to the emersion of a new character in Walker, as Hellcat.

Both Ritter and showrunner Melissa Rosenberg say they had the "good fortune" to go out on their own terms and they hope the fans will enjoy what they came up with. The 13-episode season will be the end of Jessica Jones, and the entire Netflix connection with the MCU. The final season premieres on Netflix on June 14th.

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