LA Animal Services Has a Foster/Adopt Update

You can still connect with a cat or canine during this stay-at-home time.

LA Animal Services

What to Know

  • Both foster and adopters are needed
  • People are asked to look online first at prospective pets, then submit an application
  • You'll need to make an appointment to visit a shelter to meet your animal

The joy animals give us? It's immense. The good we humans can bring to a furry one's world? It's plentiful.

And during this homestay period, when we're keeping close to our digs due to the response to COVID-19, people may be looking for a four-footed friend, the sort of snout'd, tail-swishing sweetheart who'll share a couch, a snack, and your whole world.

LA Animal Services is still in need of both people who can foster a dog or cat as well as those humans looking for their forever feline or Fido.

If you've been wondering about bringing a critter into your abode during this time, LA Animal Services posted an update on March 20 about the adoption or fostering process while we stay at home.

Both fostering and adopting begins with a visit to the LA Animal Services site (and not a physical location), to see if there is a pet you'd like to bring home.

There are a few other steps after that, including filling out an application, then meeting and picking up your animal (an appointment will need to be made in advance).

You can read about how LA Animal Services is approaching social distancing at the site, and know what to expect when you finally make the date to meet the critter that caught your eye online.

Animals need homes, our attention, and love, and they have lots of love to give us.

Is this something you need, today, tomorrow, and always? In this time of unexpected reflection, the "what's important" parts of life seem to be rising to the fore for many of us.

Find out more about the updated process, and how you can donate to help shelter animals, at the LA Animal Services site.

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