LA Animal Services Has a New Pet Resource Guide (It's Free)

The handy info sheet includes details on Wildlife & Pet Ownership Zoom events, the Pet Food Pantry, and how to foster or adopt.

LA Animal Services

What to Know

  • Find details on pet adoption, the Pet Food Pantry, and more
  • Free to use
  • Pet Food Pantry visits and adoption meetings are by appointment only at this time

Calling a single source of happiness your "everything" might prompt even your most patient pals to cock an eyebrow and cast a disbelieving eye.

And yet?

If we were to tell a friend how our cat or pup is basically our whole world, we'll likely see enthusiastic and immediate nodding in response.

For having an affectionate animal at your side, through the playful moments and painful moments, can truly impact how we ride out life's highs and lows.

And what helps all pet-loving people, during the good times and the not-so-good, is kind-hearted support from the community.

LA Animal Services seeks to provide that help in numerous ways, both to those Angelenos who live with animals to those locals who'd like to foster and adopt.

That support just got easier, as of Jan. 28, thanks to the new Pet Resource Guide.

The department launched the one-sheet pdf to aid area residents in understanding all of the various services provided by LA Animal Services, from adoption appointments to finding vouchers for spaying and neutering.

And the Pet Food Pantry?

That has been an important resource for many animal aficionados during the pandemic.

The service, which provides free pet food, operates each Sunday out of two locations, one at Chesterfield Square in South Los Angeles and at the East Valley Animal Service Center.

The Pet Resource Guide includes a sign-up link if you'd like to make an appointment to pick up complimentary canine or cat kibble, courtesy of the department.

But the guide goes beyond our Fido and feline pals.

Have a bunny?

Get the details on the department's Rabbit Roundtable and other virtual events, the sort of free happenings that give we humans lots of essential info on bettering the lives of our beloved beasties.

Since our animals can't use computers, it's up to us to check out all of the dogly, cat-tastic, hare-happy goodies on their behalf. Here's where to start.

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