LA Animal Services Hosts a ‘Singles and Seniors' Weekend

Find lower or waived adoption fees on those animals that will be the sole pet in a home, as well as cuties that are age 5 or older.

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What to Know

  • Oct. 17 and 18, 2020
  • "(A)doption fees will be reduced for dogs by $50," says the department
  • The Paula Kent Meehan Pet Care Foundation will cover adoption fees for cats while a grant from ASPCA means adoption fees for kittens will be waived

Facing fall without the cozy couch companionship found alongside a furry friend?

That's hard to imagine, as hard to picture a pretty pumpkin without seeds, a jack o'lantern without its flicker, or a tree without a coat of crimson leaves.

But while temperatures finally dropping can make people long for a pettable pal, an animal in your home is a joy, gift, and constant ray of warm sunshine whatever the season happens to be.

It is something rather sweet, however, when an adoption event swishes its tail just as autumn grows more golden.

And something even nicer?

When reduced adoption fees means a whole caboodle of cuties will, over one short weekend, finally find forever homes, homes that will provide them security and love for many seasons to come.

That's exactly what is set to happen during the "Singles and Seniors Adoption Event" at LA Animal Services on Saturday, Oct. 17 and Sunday, Oct. 18.

What are the fees, and what does the event's catchy name mean exactly?

The "... adoption fees will be reduced for dogs by $50. Adoption fees for cats will be waived by The Paula Kent Meehan Pet Care Foundation and adoption fees for kittens will be waived through a generous grant from the ASPCA."

And important to keep in mind? "Pets that are eligible will have to be the only pet in the household and/or be 5-years-old or older," so consider before making an appointment at one of four LA Animal Service Centers.

Before you make that appointment?

You'll want to look online and let the staff know which animals you'd like to meet ahead of time. Read about the still-new process, which began earlier in 2020 as a way to keep things safe and socially distanced during the pandemic, now.

"This adoption event provides an opportunity to showcase older pets, and dogs and cats who would prefer to be the only four-legged friend in the house," said Bill Crowe, Executive Director for The Paula Kent Meehan Pet Care Foundation.

"Adopt a new furry friend this weekend and save a life."

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