LA Animal Services Just Reopened All Six of Its Centers

But you'll still want to make an appointment before visiting to meet a potential new pet.

Malcolm MacGregor

What to Know

  • All six centers reopened on March 16
  • Call 1-888-452-7381 to make an adoption appointment
  • Fostering opportunities are available as well

Seeing a sweetheart on screen, the kind of furry fluffster you'd like to be your forever friend?

Many Southern Californians have done just that over the last year via the LA Animal Services web site.

But not all of the department's animal centers were open, and potential pet parents would sometimes need to journey to a more distant location in order to meet a dog or cat they saw online.

That process is now easier, thanks to the reopening of all six Southern California centers, including Chesterfield Square/South Los Angeles, East Valley, Harbor, North Central, West Los Angeles, and West Valley.

Good to know? You'll still need to make an appointment before visiting, though "(s)ick and injured animals will be admitted without an appointment."

You'll want to wear your mask, too, when you visit, and practice distancing while there.

LA Animal Services continued to host adoption drives during the pandemic closures, with fees to adopt a cat or kitten frequently waived, while fees to bring a pup home were lowered.

To discover when the next adopt-an-animal event is, follow the department's social pages, which highlight all of the services provided by staff members and volunteers that work on behalf of home-needing canines, cats, and critters.

Oh yes, there is a cute critter contingent at the centers, if you're interested in sharing your home with a rabbit, turtle, hamster, or mouse. You can find these little furries (or shell-rockers) in the adoption section of the LA Animal Services site.

Not ready to adopt a pup or cat but eager to explore the foster experience? That, too, is a possibility. Start here and learn more now.

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