LA Bacon Festival: Afternoon Chowdown

The tickets-sell-out soiree stays salty, at LA Center Studios.

Who was the first person to pluck a strip of bacon off the breakfast plate and place it inside a sandwich or atop a cheeseburger?

Culinary annals are complicated, and knowing exactly how the morning staple became a lunch and dinner hallmark — and a favorite in heartier cocktails, too — may spur a hundred different stories. But the facts are that A) bacon has long appeared in luncheon dishes, including the BLT, and B? People will celebrate the strip-shaped favorite regardless of the time on the clock.

Look to the 4th annual LA Bacon Festival, an afternoon party that eschews — yes, eschews — some tried-and-true breakfast classics for all of the nouveau 'n noshable things bacon can do.

This isn't to say you might see some spins on eggy, cheesy bacon-rife goodness at LA Center Studios on Sunday, May 1, but note that you'll spy other meaty creations, things like bacon cupcakes and bacon ice cream and bacon salt and bacon sliders and bacon-wrapped dates and other bacon-wrapped edibles that had never occurred to you before.

Do tickets fly as fast as a rasher of bacon disappears in a house full of weekend guests? You bet. Are there two sessions to pick from? Yep, one beginning at noon and one starting at 4 o'clock. 

Are there foamy adult beverages to wash all of the bacon cupcakes down? There are, more than 20 in all, so call your bacon-loving bud and ask her/him to serve as your designated driver pronto. (You'll buy their ticket, of course, because that is polite.)

And ponder this: Will bacon ever go back to starring solely on the breakfast plate? While eggs and bread also make cameos later in the day, the presence of bacon at dinner, in some form, is still apt to start a conversation.

And if the savory meat gives a dessert its zing? Rest assured it is what everyone will be discussing the next day.

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