LA + Berlin City Sisterhood: 50th Anniversary

"Berlin Lab," a two-day downtown pop-up, will celebrate art and ideas.

Carsten Baucke

The sister cities of Los Angeles span the globe, and if you were to find yourself in Athens or Taipei or San Salvador or several other cities located a good distance from Southern California, you'd know that you were in a metropolis with a meaningful and historic connection to the place you call home.

Berlin is one of LA's sister cities, and an auspicious and noteworthy occasion has arrived in the shared story of the two places: It's the 50th anniversary of the LA-Berlin city sisterhood.

To honor the moment, a two-day gathering is happening downtown at Lot 613 on Wednesday, Oct. 4 and Thursday, Oct. 5. It's be Berlin's Berlin Lab, "an event series offering both destinations a platform for discussion about freedom and creativity (#FreiheitLABerlin)."

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If this has you hoping that some of Berlin's vibrant art scene, and innovative tech community, too, will make a cameo in Los Angeles, a place that also buzzes with imagination and mindful futurism, your hopes shall be met: A line-up of panels, workshops, and events will delve into the culture and big ideas currently threading through both cities.

A design symposium looking back at the Bauhaus movement, street art from Die Dixons, and Lange Taufel, a "community event" with food, conversation, and more, are just three of the to-dos on the full schedule.

For more on the Berlin-LA city sisterhood, and other happenings, visit the online HQ for the celebratory 50th anniversary.

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