Brace Yourself, ‘Zombie Tidal Wave' is Bringing Maritime Mayhem to SYFY

Ian Ziering is back on SYFY, but this time he's battling zombies in the ocean.

What to Know

  • Ziering is also starring in BH90210 on Fox.
  • "Zombie Tidal Wave" shot on location in Krabi, Thailand.
  • The movie premieres Aug. 17th on SYFY.

Ian Ziering isn't just back in the 90210, he's also starring in a new SYFY film called "Zombie Tidal Wave." And brace yourself, it takes the sci-fi horror genre to another level. Some are even calling it the horror movie of the year.

Ziering is teaming up with his "Sharknado" collaborator Anthony C. Ferrante who directs this film about a retired NYC firefighter named Hunter Shaw. Shaw finds himself searching for the origins of an ocean-borne outbreak that created a zombie tidal wave. As with any great sci-fi movie there's some kind of biological experimentation going on that generates the zombie tidal wave. We have no idea what this kind of tidal wave would look like, but you can watch the trailer for a few clues.

After escaping to Southeast Asia following the destruction and grief of 9/11, Shaw is thrust into the role of hero once again to save a group of locals from a zombie-slinging tsunami.

The film was shot on location in Krabi, Thailand. Ziering says the location was a perfect visual context for the film.

This marks the first picture between Ziering's I.Man Productions and Darby Parker's Stronghold Entertainment. The pair say they hope this feature spawns sequels because like "Sharknado", there's a lot of humor, and horror ground to cover.

"Zombie Tidal Wave" premieres on SYFY August 17th at 9/8c. It also stars Erich Chikashi Linzbichler, Cheree Cassidy, and Tatum Chiniquy.

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