LA Conservancy Has a BOGO Deal for Virtual Field Trips

Know an educator, family member, or group seeking at-home learning fun that spotlights local history? There are savings to enjoy.

S. Greg Panosian

What to Know

  • Buy One, Get One through Nov. 30, 2020
  • Historic Downtown, Union Station, A Woman's Place: Union Station and Chinatown
  • Grades 3rd-12th; $50 per class tour (the code is THANKS2x1)

Field trips, those get-to-know-your-city, learn-about-history outings that are so central to educational experiences, have been put on hold in 2020.

Or, rather, in-person field trips aren't happening right now, those climb-on-the-bus, land-somewhere-new-and-fascinating adventures that often turn into some of the strongest memories of childhood.

But there are ways to help young people connect with their community during the time of the pandemic, and some of the intriguing elements, stories, and factors that make their region shine, thanks to the efforts of local organizations.

One of those organizations doing this important work is Los Angeles Conservancy, the nonprofit group dedicated to telling the tales behind some of our striking city's most striking structures.

And, of course, the history-making people who built the buildings or made lives within them.

To help Southern California educators and parents out, the preservation organization has created at trio of virtual field trips, with a focus on Downtown Los Angeles.

And, now through Nov. 30, you can enjoy a buy one, get one deal.

The price? It's $50 for a virtual tour (and that covers up to 30 students).

The code to enjoy the BOGO deal? It's THANKS2x1.

Good to know? The field trips were designed for 3rd graders, 4th graders, and all the grades up to 12th grade.

As for the areas of DTLA that the virtual tours will call upon? Historic Downtown, Union Station, and A Woman's Place: Union Station and Chinatown ("Uncover untold stories of the women who helped build" both landmarks during this field trip).

The day will eventually come when field trips'll be popping up all over our culturally rich city on a daily basis again, like they did in the past.

But the good news is that the field trip spirit shines on in 2020, for at-home learners, thanks to civic-minded groups like LA Conservancy.

Explore what the virtual tours can offer the young people in your world now.

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