LA County Fair: Season Pass Sale

Have designs on doing the Pomona spectacular twice (or more)? This is your deal.

A grouping of antelopes is called a herd, a grouping of whales is known as a pod, and guinea pigs, when massed together, are referred to as a muddle.

But what is a grouping of county fairs called? A midway? A spectacular? A calliope? Or a funnel cake, perhaps?

While you ponder this deep topic, make extra room to ponder this: Whatever a clutch of county fairs might officially be called, we're experiencing that very grouping right now here in Southern California.

Evidence? San Diego County Fair wrapped in June, Orange County Fair is still going, Ventura is ahead next week, and on the first day of September?

You bet: It's the Los Angeles County Fair, often called the largest county fair in the country, a ride- and concert- and everything-filled extravanganza so venerable and lofty that a centennial is on the near horizon. (Centennials, as a rule, bequeath an air of loftiness and venerability.)

But before the LA County Fair turns 100 in 2022, there's the pig-cute, rodeo-major, fried-snack-a-riffic extravaganza on the very near horizon. It's the 2017 LA County Fair, which is on from Friday, Sept. 1 through Sunday, Sept. 24.

And if you plan on going twice, or thrice, or you have delightful designs on attending each and every day of its Pomona-based run, check it out: Season Passes just went on sale on Tuesday, July 25.

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But the sale won't be on forever, so buy your pass before the sale wraps on Aug. 13.

The cost? It's $25 on sale, a savings of a few bucks, so yay, and the code? It's 2017LAFAIR.

You'll want to note this pass is for entry only, and not the carnival rides nor parking, though there is a Season Parking Pass available for $60 on the LA County Fair ticket page.

Are you ready? It's hard to not feel the thrall of all of our regional county fairs this time of year, and whether you call a grouping of county fairs a spectacular or a calliope or a funnel cake or something else is up to you.

But you're feeling the pull, and you're probably definitely feeling the pull of saving some dough on a Season Pass to LA County Fair, especially if you plan on making the fair a regular, gotta-go-again thing this September.

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