LA County Fair: The Discounts

Pomona's mondo party is nearly here. How will you save?

The thing about the county fair, and most county fairs, is this: You can go on your own terms.

Or make that your pocketbook's terms, if you will. And yes, we said "pocketbook," a fairly nostalgic term, but the LA County Fair puts us in a nostalgic frame of mind. It has, after all, been around for over nine decades.

Year 91 kicks off on Friday, Aug. 30, and if you're looking to visit the Pomona party without putting out a raft of cash, that's possible. More than possible: The fair people compile a handy list every year on what days are tied to what discounts.

And the discounts aren't all back-ended, either, meaning that they start on day one. Check it out: LA County Fair admission is a buck from 3 to 6 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 30. Opening day. 

That's as sweet as chocolate chip cookie batter that's been fried and rolled in powdered sugar.

But the savings continue, with School Supply Drives, Wild Wednesdays, various happy hours, and a cornucopia of food deals that fall in a "get something yummy for a buck or two" range. A number of businesses, like Ralph's, have fair tie-ins, too, so you can get your discounts in a number of ways. You only need to check out the promotions roster before high-tailing it to Pomona.

Of course, if you want to put out a raft of cash at the fair, that's up to you. Games, a buffet of random and delicious foodstuffs, and midway rides await you and your pocketbook.

We like the choice, is all, of how to do the fair and on what monetary terms.

Oh, and regular admission? It's $19 for an adult -- that's a person age 13 or older -- on a weekend day. And you'll have a few days to choose from: The fair runs through Sept. 29.

We'll just be stowing enough singles for a corn dog, because that's practically a fair rule, right? Eat something on a stick? 

After 91 years, the fair knows the way of things. Trust.

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