DC Teams Up With WriteGirl to Inspire the Next Generation of Comic Book Writers

Exclusive look inside DC Headquarters for a special event with WriteGirl.

What to Know

  • WriteGirl hopes to empower young girls to use the medium of writing to find their voice.
  • Each girl helped create, and write their own comic.
  • Forty girls from underserved communities took party in the event.

Forty girls from underserved communities were invited to team up with DC and create their own comic book at DC headquarters today. The organization behind the event is called WriteGirl. Leaders say the goal was to inspire young girls to find their voice through the medium of writing, and encourage them to be strong leaders in their community.

"A lot of the girls we work with just need some encouragement, that they're worth something, that their ideas matter," said WriteGirl Executive Director Keren Taylor.

Taylor says WriteGirl has worked with Warner Brothers on projects before, but this is the first time they've worked with DC comics. And there was an overwhelming response from WriteGirl members who wanted to sign up.

"We got RSVP's in about 3 hours. So this is obviously something the girls are passionate about."

The day started with a welcome session, then the girls were split up into superhero-themed groups and began workshopping with professionals. Well-known comic book writers like Mariko Tamaki (Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass) and Cecil Castellucci (Batgirl) say they were thrilled to work with the young writers.

"I want them to walk away with the love of the medium of comics," Castellucci said. "To tell a story fantastically the way you can't in any other way of telling stories."

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Each girl workshopped their story ideas with professionals, then learned the ins and outs of graphic storytelling, and got hands on graphic novel writing experience. DC's Michele Wells says they hope by hosting workshops like this they will empower the next generation of female writers, in what is still male dominated industry.

"It's something we want these girls to see as a viable career path moving forward," Wells said.

Visit WriteGirl.org to learn more about this organization and watch the video above to get a rare look inside the DC offices during this special event.

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