LA Film Fest Hosts Free “Clueless” Screening

Several stars will show at the early May celebration.

What makes a quintessential Los Angeles film? And must a movie be grand-of-scope, and dramatic-of-mind, to qualify?

We speak of cinema that's strictly about Southern California and its often outlandish, extravagantly goaled characters. "Sunset Boulevard"? Definitely. "The Day of the Locust"? Satire at its finest. "Blade Runner"? Operatic down to its rainy, trenchcoat-wearing soul.

But let's put 1995's "Clueless" in the pantheon of great local flicks. Some might cock an eyebrow, in the style of the film's inimitable lead character Cher Horowitz, at the light-hearted inclusion, but consider that Amy Heckerling's quirky classic has some hefty Shakespearean roots. ("Emma" is an inspiration.)

So LA Film Fest is, like, whatever, right on target by selecting the Valley-Girl-esque gem to fete its own starry 2014 line-up. True, Cher isn't from the Valley -- she's soooo Beverly Hills, and "above Sunset!" at that -- but if you pepper a few "likes" and "as ifs" into your conversation when hailing the sweet flick, you're right on the money.

The screening is free and some stars? They'll show to wave and chat and Q&A. Look for Amy Heckerling, Stacey Dash, Donald Faison, and Elisa Donovan to gather at Nokia Plaza on Tuesday, May 6 in celebration of the film's 20th anniversary.

Wait, "Clueless" is 20? Uh, as if?

More free films from Film Independent are ahead, so keep an eye turned this way.

And should you Cher-out in the plaid minis and knee socks? Like, totally. You'd wear something replicant or heavy with shoulder pads to "Blade Runner," right? Gotta go LA-style when an LA classic is in the house (or plaza, rather).

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