LA River CleanUp Photo Contest

Pitching in? Snap a pic and maybe/possibly win something nifty, like a kayak outing.

A contest revolving around the positive promotion of a famous but TLC-requiring natural landmark is good, but, let's be honest: Two contests kind of rock even more.

So if you didn't get a chance to enter The Great LA River Photo Contest back in March -- remember, it was all about stirring up excitement for The Great LA River CleanUp, a longtime April tradition -- there's another grab-your-camera chance going on now.

But there's a twist, much like a twist in a river (though, of course, less damp): While The Great LA River Photo Contest involved shutterbugs posting any of their favorite LA River-themed photos, with a hashtag, to win nifty Adventure 16 Adventure Packs, the photography contests happening on Saturday, April 23 and Saturday, April 30 are all about the ongoing cleanup itself.

Here's the outline: Snap some great pictures while volunteering along the mid- and lower river banks, then tag your photos (#GreatLARiverCleanUp), then post them to Twitter and/or Instagram, then possibly score prizes from Gondola Getaway, REI, and LA River Kayak Safari, if your picture wins.

So what will your photo's theme be? Some of the 25 tons of rubbish hauled out of the river each April by dedicated, perspiration-awesome, let's-do-this volunteers? Or will you capture those volunteers as they wade down to the water's edge in a dramatic moment of anticipation?

What garbage will be pulled out of the river next? (Cue thrilling music.) Be there, with your camera, to find out.

Take a peek at the April 16 winner, from the cleanup's first 2016 Saturday. It's a sweet photo, and should inspire anyone to join in and help out.

There are a lot of ways to capture the important giveback effort, and if your photo involves humans, birds, water, trash, or all of the above, you'll have told an interesting visual story about the cleanup in one single snapshot.

For all the details on the photo contests, and to volunteer, head over to the Friends of the Los Angeles River online HQ.

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