LA Zoo Will Reopen With an Online Reservation System

Visitors should expect limited capacity and new safety precautions at the famous animal park.

Jamie Pham

What to Know

  • Reopening Tuesday, Feb. 16 as a "modified experience"
  • Online reservations open on Saturday, Feb. 13 at noon
  • Face coverings are required for staff members and visitors ages 2+; limited capacity will be observed

Animals, as far as we know, can't use online reservation systems, but they can inspire us to stick to helpful safety measures in other warm-hearted ways.

It's not unusual to see critters giving each other space as they go about their day-to-day activities, and beholding a beastie taking a splash-bath? That's a time-honored zoo tradition.

So let us find inspiration in the space-making, fur-cleaning animals as we ponder a return visit to the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

For the world-famous animal park will reopen, after several weeks of observing a pandemic-related closure, on Tuesday, Feb. 16.

This reopening will arrive with several new safety measures in place, including a ticketing system that's online.

This will ensure limited capacity at the spacious destination, which is located in Griffith Park. So approaching a zoo window for your ticket? Not happening, at least for the foreseeable future.

Face coverings will also be required for all visitors who are age 2 and older (masks are also required for zoo staffers).

As far as encouraging visitors to give other visitors plenty of space?

Some pathways will flow in a single direction, so keep an eye out for signs (as well as those important prompts encouraging physical distancing).

Just be sure to "keep a zebra's length apart!," advises the zoo team. Any suggestion that asks humans to live more like zebras already has plenty of wisdom to it, is our viewpoint.

Stations offering hand sanitizer will also be found throughout the 133-acre property.

Keep in mind that indoor areas will remain closed and "high-touch areas," such as the Papiano Playpark and the Tom Mankiewicz Conservation Carousel, will not be open to visitors at this time.

And those amazing keeper talks and presentations? Those are on hold for now, too.

Reservations open at noon on Feb. 13 to both the general public and members of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association (GLAZA).

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