LACMA: Special Extended Hours

The holidays haven't quite wrapped yet, at least on the Miracle Mile.

When do the holidays officially and completely wrap up for most Southern Californians?

It's a not-so-pat question with many answers, but the cold and bracing fact is this: The day after New Year's Day, or the day after the day after New Year's Day, when Jan. 1 is a Sunday, tends to be the time when many noses are placed against various grindstones, once again.

At least for those able to take a bit of time off, of course. For those lucky revelers still on vacation, or those who postponed the holiday due to work or other life matters, the first week of January is still rather grindstone-free.

And some of our biggest museums and institutions know it.

Not only is The Getty Villa observing a rare open Tuesday on Jan. 3 (and it is free to visit, though parking costs), but The Aquarium of the Pacific is also hosting Discounted Late Nights through Saturday, Jan. 7.

But the popular Malibu and Long Beach destinations aren't the only places that have strongly suggested that the holiday is not yet through: The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is also on board with stretching the celebratory spirit out, via extended hours through Sunday, Jan. 8.

The Miracle Mile bastion of amazing art-o-sity will stay open each night through 8 p.m. through the 8th, and check it out: LACMA will not shutter on Wednesday, Jan. 4.

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Wednesdays, of course, are the longtime "lights off" day at the mondo Mid-City museum.

So while all other signs point to the holidays being over and dunzo, what's not dunzo is the chance to enjoy art or aquatic animals in a special discounted or late-night or rare-open-day setting.

After Jan. 8, 2017, though? The 2016 holiday season is really well and truly over. Onward to the new year, and such, and so forth.

Folding in a bit more painting love, or jellyfish cuteness, ahead of that, can only serve as inspiration for the days ahead.

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