Last Chance for The Donut Man’s Strawberry Doughnuts

The Glendora shop's best-known bite is ending its sweet season.

The Donut Man

What to Know

  • Glendora
  • 915 E. Route 66
  • Oct. 5 and 6 is the "Last Weekend" for the iconic treats

So many tantalizingly gooey treats catch our candy-loving fancies come October, which means that keeping our confections straight can be a tall order.

But any doughnut lover who has ever been bewitched by The Donut Man's famous strawberry delectable will never, ever be confused about what stands tall in their affections: It's this glistening, fruit-plump, doughy-delicious creation.

It is, however, a creation that doesn't stay on the shelves at the Glendora pastry destination throughout the calendar. The doughnut, which is positively packed with large strawberries, generally appears at The Donut Man around late January or early February each year, and it ends its fabled run in the fall.

That final lap has now arrived, which means that, yes, if you're going to enjoy this famous, oh-so-SoCal sweet, best do it pronto. For Oct. 5 and 6 has been revealed as the "Last Weekend" for The Donut Man's fresh strawberry doughnuts.

As with anything that is winding down, it is a solid idea to arrive earlier than later. So if you can go Saturday? Go Saturday, and get your goodie, or goodies, if the family back home has demanded that you return with a dozen. 

They probably will, if they know and love these luscious tum-fillers.

Be not blue, however, if you miss the window on this one; there are autumn-themed doughnuts at the historic shop, which can trace its tasty roots back to 1972.

So if you're hankering for an Apple Cider Spiced Cake, those are in stock, and an assortment of other doughnuts, too, like Maple Bars and Cinnamon Rolls.

Wanting them all? Go to Glendora, goodie fans, for a classic and crumb-tastic regional morning-starter, whatever flavor you choose.

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