Last Chance: LA Zoo Photo Day Sign-Up

Get in early and have the time, and room, to set up your gear.

Photos, as a concept and an idea that many of us are focused on, tend to be on the rise over the last third of the year.

Maybe school pictures kick us all into gear, and then all of those holidays card photographs we mean to get done well ahead of Thanksgiving. But even people who'd claim to be non-photographers are breaking out the cameras come fall.

As for the those who spend a lot of time snapping frame-worthy pics? They've got cameras on the mind, too, in large part because so many visual to-dos come into play. One of the majors is the LA Zoo Photo Day, which is all about shutterbugs, and their gear, making their way into the Griffith Park animal park on the early side, the better to snap great pictures of the orangutans and tigers without the bustle of the crowds.

Well, the usual zoo crowds'll arrive later in the day, on Sunday, Nov. 9, but people who hold a ticket to LA Zoo Photo Day can slip in at 7:30 a.m. for that early morning sunshine and the room a still-closed zoo affords.

Other perks of the day, which stretches through 4:30 p.m., include hands-on workshops with instruction for novices on the basics of wildlife and nature photography..." and "loan equipment from major manufacturers" and a "catered lunch, guest speakers... animal close-ups for photography, and a photo contest with prizes."

Cost? It's $175, and the deadline to register is Oct. 15.

Yep, this is a registration deal, so don't attempt to arrive at the zoo's gate on Nov. 9 with your tripod in hand.

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But if wildlife snapshots are your passion, and you aren't able to make it to a forest or far-off preserve in the next few months -- the holidays, after all, are upon us -- let the zoo be your lens-lovely, lion-close photo getaway.

You totally want to have some excellent animal pictures to frame for calendars to give the family next year, right? 

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