‘Last Remaining Seats' Is Back on Broadway: See Flicks Inside Great Movie Palaces

"Metropolis" and "Enter the Dragon" will screen at the iconic Orpheum Theatre.

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What to Know

  • LA Conservancy's late-spring film series returns to the theaters of Broadway in DTLA
  • June 3-17 (select Saturdays); $22 general public tickets (available April 19)
  • "Metropolis," "Enter the Dragon," and "Vertigo" are on the 2023 lineup

The splendor of a cinema?

It's principally about the people who gather there, the film fans who want to enter another world, alongside movie-loving strangers, in order to have a memorable and magical shared experience.

That splendor is also found in the work itself, of course, the riveting writing, characters, portrayals, directing, sound design, and the countless other incredible components that make a movie, well, a movie.

But, for sure: A splendid cinematic space is a thing to treasure, especially when you're partaking in a pleasurable experience that flowers within a palatial place.

Los Angeles is home to several movie palaces, century-old spots that have their own tales to tell.

Stunning marquees, lofty lobbies, Art Deco concession stands, and even fancy balconies up the aura of the popcorn-and-credits journey for anyone who spends the perfect Saturday afternoon inside such a grand venue.

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As it has done for so many movie-tastic years now, the Los Angeles Conservancy, the preservation-minded organization, is inviting us to call upon a couple of these colossal jewels, all to savor a few movie classics.

The series, which got its start in 1987, is called "Last Remaining Seats" and it will be back on Broadway in 2023.

June is the summer-starting month that movie lovers know to circle for this gem-laden series and first up? It's "Metropolis," which will shimmer across the silver screen on the afternoon of June 3. The theater is the opulent Orpheum, an ideal spot to bask in the sepia-toned sci-fi favorite.

Bruce Lee's acclaimed "Enter the Dragon" is the nighttime film on June 3, and a "free Q&A about the Orpheum Theatre will follow the screening."

"Planet of the Apes" from 1968 is the matinee on June 10 — the Los Angeles Theatre is where you'll go — and "The Philadephia Story" is the evening treat. Oh yes; theater Q&A sessions will follow these screenings, too.

"Auntie Mame" will bring her fabulous spirit to the Million Dollar Theatre on June 17, while "Vertigo" summons the spirit of the San Francisco fog that night (it is also playing at the Million Dollar).

Tickets are $22 for the general public and will be available for purchase on April 19. But wait: The members-only presale boasts a few extra goodies, like opportunities to go behind the scenes at these majestic movie palaces.

So would now be a good time to become a member? If that intrigues you, then we say it is a perfect time.

For all of the dates, information on the films, and tidbits about this trio of terrific theaters, visit the LA Conservancy site now.

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