LAX Shares Its Top Holiday Airport-Happy Tips

Venturing through one of the planet's busiest airports this season? Here's your list.

To say that you frequently visit the Los Angeles International Airport but you don't have your own stash of tips, tricks, and personal must-dos is to fib just a little, we'll guess. 

Because every traveler has their favorite bit of curb where they like to pick up a friend, their favorite terminal, and, yes, their favorite bathroom (and maybe even their favorite stall). Let's not tell tales here; this is a known fact.

But the people who know the most about thes ins, outs, and arounds of the gigantic plane port at 1 World Way are not its patrons; rather, the staffers who work at LAX every day have got the 411. With that in mind, and to ease the grumbles and gosh-I'm-lates of the holiday season, the airport has released its make-life-easier list of Happy Holiday Travel Tips.

Don't worry -- we're pretty sure your favorite stall is still a secret.

A few reveals, though? There's a walking map to show you where construction is going down -- because, oh boy, that LAX construction, are we right? -- and where to find the local eats (yep, BLD and Farmers Market have outposts at LAX, as do several made-in-LA restaurants).

"Parking structures 3 and 4 are under construction" says the sheet -- that's good to know -- but alternatives are suggested in the stow-your-car category. And details on the Cell Phone Waiting Lot are on the pdf, just in case you've thought, while circling and circling, "gah, where is that Cell Phone Waiting Lot?"

Answer: Adjacent to LAX Parking Lot C, off 96th Street.

If you visit the airport more than once a month, for your own travels or to greet/goodbye guests, this might just be required reading, holiday time or not.

Just please tell us that you know about the airport's shortcuts, so you don't have to make the whole circle while your pal waits for her suitcase. The pair of time-saving wormholes, dear LAXian, should rank far higher on your tips 'n tricks roster than your favorite bathroom or coffee counter (though those certainly can rank just below on your airport knowledge list).

Happy traveling and de-grumbling, holiday travelers who are airport-bound.

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