Leap for Feb. 29 Discounts and Deals

Leaplings, as in people with a Feb. 29 birthday, will enjoy the bulk of the savings, but there are a few specials for everyone.

Lady M/Van Leeuwen/NORMS

What to Know

  • NORMS and Farmer Boys both have freebies for people born on Feb. 29
  • Mammoth Mountain is offering free lift tickets to Leaplings
  • Pacifica Hotels and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream have deals open to everyone

Now, now... birthday envy, as in the twinge of jealousy we might feel when we learn that someone entered this world on an interesting occasion, isn't all that becoming.

Of course, a lot of us do possess those passing feelings of longing, of wishing for a summer birthday when you were born in the winter, or a winter birthday instead of your big day in the spring, or... you name it.

But Feb. 29 birthday-havers? Their birth certificates are stamped with the most unusual day of all, thanks to the fact that Feb. 29 doesn't happen every year.

This means that Feb. 29ers, or "Leaplings" if you prefer, will enjoy a number of deals on Saturday, Feb. 29, 2020, all to celebrate the Leap Year's live-largest day.

Are you even more envious now? Read on, wish your favorite Leapling an extra-happy day, and send them to...

NORMS, where they can enjoy a 4 Deuces breakfast for free. Showing ID, to prove that Feb. 29 birthday? A must. What's on the plate? Two eggs, two hotcakes, two sausages, and two strips of bacon. Bonus: All 20 NORMS are on board, oh yeah.

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream: Eager for that single scoop to magically become a double? That can happen on Feb. 29, which is "The Day That Doesn't Count" when it comes to what you eat. In other words? A cheat day. And this pay-for-a-single, get-a-double deal extends to even those of us without a Feb. 29 birthday.

Farmer Boys: If you must have a cheeseburger on your birthday, each and every year, and you're a Leapling? You're in some luck, for Farmer Boys will offer a Big Cheese cheeseburger to people born on Feb. 29 on, you got it, Feb. 29. Just have that identification ready to score this freebie.

Lady M: This isn't a freebie, but it is built around Feb. 29, especially for mavens of fancy cakes. The dessert company is bringing back its Salted Mille Crepes cake for one day only, on Saturday, Feb. 29. You can buy it by the slice or a whole cake, which is priced at $95.

Pacifica Hotels Sale: Book a stay at a cool getaway, one that's in the Pacifica Hotels family, on Saturday, Feb. 29, and make sure your nights will fall from Feb. 29 through May 31, 2020, and you'll save, you guessed it, 29% off the price. Nope, you don't need to be a Leapling for this one, sweet, though Leaplings can, of course, take advantage of this sweet sale.

Mammoth Mountain: Planning on skiing your way out of February? If you're rocking that Leapling-cool birthday, show your ID at the Eastern Sierra ski spot and enjoy a free lift ticket on Feb. 29. That's right, you can ski, for free, on your birthday, at one of our state's best-known resorts.

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