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Learn Lizard Push-ups With the Natural History Museum

The at-home video helps tots get moving via "lizard-robics."


What to Know

  • Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
  • Free at-home activities, including a video featuring "Lizard Moves" for people
  • The museum is temporarily closed

Can anything in the world be transformed into something that's aerobic?

It's a head-scratcher, because "-robics" has been added to just about every hobby, pastime, and, let's be honest, noun since the concept of aerobics entered our spheres decades ago.

But even before aerobics caught our collective imagination, we humans sought workout inspiration from the natural world.

When we see how a gazelle runs or a salmon swims or a lizard performs its famous push-ups, we feel emboldened to try the same thing.

Lizards, however, are not making many workout videos these days, at least that we know about, but there are helpful humans to guide us through lizard-like moves.

And the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County recently shared a reptile-tastic video that's all about getting kids and everyone else moving while at home.

"Lizard Moves" is the name of the short video, performing artist Mark Whitten is the host, and at-home viewers can pick up some techniques on keeping muscles stretched and limber, nifty techniques straight from the wilder world.

The video looks specifically to the "RASCALS" or Reptiles and Amphibians of Southern California, for "(c)old-blooded moves for hot summer days!"

And a hot summer day, like the ones we've been experiencing? Local lizards are loving them. Chances are good you've seen one, two, or a dozen small and scaly friends on recent walks, for lizards do love a warm rock or stretch of sidewalk.

Those famous and adorable lizard push-ups are in the video's spotlights, as are some other turns and twists.

But another twist? This isn't the only at-home offering from the Exposition Park museum, which has several family activities that can be enjoyed without leaving your house or yard.

For the full list, scurry like a lizard in the direction of the Natural History Museum site now.

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