Learn Owl About Mage, a Great Horned Baby

The mysterious birds are not so mysterious after all; get to know a cute SoCal critter via Facebook Live.

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

What to Know

  • April 17, noon and 12:30
  • Ranger Mike, the small owl's foster, will host the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area online event
  • Facebook Live

Owls may seem like the sort of birds that roost in old Scottish castles, or fly through fanciful fantasy films, or serve as wise and noble cartoon characters.

But the beautiful avian icons also live right here in Southern California.

And while we may grow accustomed to coming across all manner of mockingbird calls, and dove coos, and gull squawks, it can be a little startling, and even magical, to suddenly hear the who-who-hoooot of some nearby owl.

The rangers at the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area are big fans of the feather-handsome, night-loving critters, which makes sense, since plenty of owls can be found around the natural expanse.

And we'll get an opportunity to become acquainted with one of our neighbors during an April 17 Facebook Live event.

The star? Why its Mage, a baby Great Horned Owl that is as fluffy and endearing as you might imagine.

Mage is currently being fostered by Ranger Mike, the host of the Facebook Live, along with Ranger Xochitl.

You can bet that Ranger Mike will know his sweet charge quite well, given the fact that he is currently caring for the beak-rocking babe.

We all need an owlet, we mean an outlet, for our nature-loving feelings during these stay-at-home days. So log on and find out what Mage eats, when Mage sleeps, and owl the details on this sweet Southern California-based bird.

If you miss Mage, watch the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area social pages for more fun Facebook Live animal events.

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