Learn to Bake Fiore Market Café's Beloved Cinnamon Bread

The South Pasadena restaurant regularly sells out of the toothsome loaves. Now an online class will show you how to make it at home.

Fiore Market Cafe

What to Know

  • Sunday, Dec. 13 at 3 p.m. PST (online)
  • $25
  • You'll want to have all the ingredients and tools on hand prior to class (you'll receive a list once you register)

Delectable, chewy, yeasty, dense, can't-stop-eating-able: The ways we describe the loaves we love are nearly as limitless as the varieties of dough-based goodies in this bread-obsessed world.

But a term that's often associated with some of the breads we love best? "Sold-out," especially at those popular neighborhood places that are known for their boules, scones, and crusty classics.

One of those local, buy-it-quick temptations is the Cinnamon Bread found at Fiore Market Café in South Pasadena.

For when that particularly fragrant and flavorful offering pops up on the menu, you can bet fans around the San Gabriel Valley, and beyond, will speedily put in their pick-it-up-pronto orders.

Which leads to the following question: Can you learn to make it at home, if you miss putting your order in on a day when the deeply satisfying rectangles o' spice and gooiness become available?

You can, with bread maestro Bill Disselhorst at the helm.

Mr. Disselhorst, who co-founded Fiore Market Café with his wife Anne ten years ago this month, will teach the $25 online course on Sunday, Dec. 13 at 3 o'clock.

For sure, you'll want to have all the necessary ingredients on hand prior to class (you'll see what is required after you sign up).

And there's a bonus: Dough needs to rise, so while you and the other Cinnamon Bread buffs wait, you'll also get a lickety-split course in the making of scones.

Scones, like the Cinnamon Bread, cookies, and other made-from-scratch sweets, can often be found for sale at the corner restaurant, which is found on the north side of the Fremont Centre Theatre.

The Cinnamon Bread, though, has an equally famous counterpart at the charming eatery: A classic round of bread, which is chewy and dense and perfect for hearty sandwiches, as well as alongside soups and salads.

It's a big boule that can usually be purchased whole at the café, even as it gorgeously guest stars in popular offerings like the Roast Chicken Sandwich and the Tempeh Bacon Sandwich.

Dining, which is solely al fresco at Fiore, is temporarily closed, but ordering in for pick-up is available.

And when dining at the restaurant reopens?

Foodies can look forward to a sun-dappled patio, a quaint setting that usually features live guitar music or a jazz trio.

Call the ambiance ideal for bread-based enjoyment, people watching, and the pleasures of a slowed-down, soak-it-in life.

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