Father's Day

Learn to Cook a Classic Steak, With Dad, on Father's Day

The Institute of Culinary Education has a savory and special way to celebrate: By discovering how to make the perfect restaurant-style New York strip.


What to Know

  • Sunday, June 20 from 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. (the class is fully online)
  • The "Great New York Steakhouse" class will cover New York strip, creamed spinach, and truffled mashed potatoes
  • $50; ingredients must be purchased separately

While you can't lump all special occasions into one lively and beautiful ball o' fun, and comparing one holiday to another is probably best left uncompared, you can spy certain patterns in the annual occurrences that many people celebrate.

For instance?

There's often a major food component to our most festive happenings, and there's a do-something-fun element, too. Rarely, though, do we have the opportunity to combine the food portion of the holiday with the part where there's an activity, for they definitely seem to occupy separate columns.

But the Institute of Culinary Education has deftly woven together both the dining side of Father's Day, and an activity that you and Dad can participate in together (or, yes, you and your family, if you're the Father's Day honoree).

It's an online cooking class, and it is set to sizzle and pop on Sunday, June 20.

You got it: That's Father's Day, so what you'll be making in your own kitchen is what you'll be enjoying for Father's Day dinner, we do expect.

And the savory supper in the spotlight? It's a classic and oh-so-retro New York strip with beurre maitre d'hotel, the kind of posh plate you might find in a venerable Big Apple steakhouse.

Not only will you be learning how to make the perfect steak, but a couple of steakhouse sides are on the appetite-stoking syllabus, too: creamed spinach and mashed potatoes fragrant with truffle.

The class is $50, but the foodstuffs, ingredients, tools, and other needs, the sort of goods you'll require as you make the meal at home, are separate and the student's responsibility.

And for sure, you'll want to have all of the meat, potatoes, spinach, and extras lined up and ready to roll ahead of the session's 11:30 a.m. start time on June 20.

The Institute of Culinary Education has outposts in both New York and Los Angeles, but teachers have been virtually there for home cooks throughout the pandemic. ("Virtually" meaning online here, of course.)

And if you're looking to keep close to home on Father's Day, but you're also longing for a steakhouse-style steak, be cheered: You can learn every step you need to burnish your steak-superior skills.

It's both a magnificent meal-in-the-making, and a flavorful Father's Day activity. Call it a combo deal, a classy class full of tasty tips you can use now and always.

Sign up now, for spots in the Great New York Steakhouse virtual class are as limited as booths in a restaurant on a busy holiday night.

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