Learn to Paddleboard or Surf with Your Pup

Head onto the waves with your favorite hound, at Del Mar Dog Beach.

What to Know

  • July 22, Aug. 12, Aug. 26
  • $45 a lesson
  • Del Mar Dog Beach

Just about every dog-obsessed person out there possesses a definitive and detailed answer to the question "does your pup like water?"

For if you know your canine quirks and traits, you know that some fluffsters run as far away as possible, as quickly as possible, the moment a household human begins to fill the bathtub.

And on the flip side of this Fido debate?

Those hounds that can't stay away from H2O, the sort of wave-seeking cuties that will bellyflop into any pool, lake, or river once they're off leash.

If you're lil' tyke is solidly in the second group, a surf lesson may be in order, or the chance to learn how to paddleboard together.

And, lucky you, it so happens that the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe holds surfing and paddleboarding lessons, for pooches and their people, each and every summer at Del Mar Dog Beach.

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The goal?

Ready furry competitors, and their game humans, for the annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon in early September, a well-known, much-loved fundraiser for the center.

Of course, participating in the surfing showdown isn't mandatory, if you simply want to take lessons. Either way, check out the dates ahead for the summer of 2018: Sunday, July 22, Sunday, Aug. 12, and Sunday, Aug. 26.

A surfing class runs about 50 minutes, a paddleboarding lesson is 70 minutes, and the required canine life-vests, as well as the surf and paddleboards, are provided during the instruction.

The cost?

It's $45 a lesson, and, yep: That money helps out the Helen Woodward Animal Center, which in turn helps out oodles of animals through a variety of heart-tugging, smile-summoning programs.

And if your wee one really, really loves her lesson, and is a water baby all the way, you'll score a 20% discount on a future lesson this summer, should you both want to further brush up your skillz on the foam.

It's dang adorable, it helps our beastie buds, it makes for so many great pics and memories, and it is a bonding experience between person and pup.

Need more details? Turn off the bath tap and ask your dog to step out of the pool; you'll want to spend some time on the animal center's site now.

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