Lebowski Fest: Dude-up, Movie Fans

A film bash and bowling night are on the schedule.

One wouldn't dare predict how The Dude himself might react to learning that "The Big Lebowski," the obsessed-over 1998 Coen Brothers crime caper, will soon turn 20.

He might have a shrug or a "hey man" to give, or a "that's cool"-type of, you know, whatever sort of reaction. But, like, The Dude likely wouldn't jump up and down over idea of the big anniversary, lest he spill his White Russian and muss his treasured rug.

Passionate fans of the classic flick, however, can and do get excited about such milestones.

So much so that Lebowski lovers don't wait for the major anniversaries to celebrate the LA-based, darkly comedic sparkler: They throw a heck of a Lebowski Fest each and every year, in the city where the film takes place, as well as in towns and other locations far from Jeffrey Lebowski's Venice bungalow.

But The Wiltern isn't too far from Venice, nor is Fountain Bowl, and both places will hum with robe-wearing, sweater-rocking, Valkyrie helmet-sporting super-fans on Friday, March 3 and Saturday, March 4.

The movie night is up first, on March 3, at The Wiltern, along with a live 'n loud performance by the Kyle Gass Band. "The Big Lebowski" will screen, natch, and some players from the not-quite-20-year-old film, including Leon Russom ("The Sheriff of Malibu") will be in the cheer-happy, give-up-some-love house.

The bowling night is up second, on March 4, and this is when the costumes'll really be out in full, festive force. Will you dress as Donny? Walter Sobchak? Maude? Or will you choose an ultra-classic, slip-on sandal'd version of The Dude?

Just know you may be inspired to gather with the other people who also dressed like your chosen character for a lovely line-up snapshot.

Tickets are on sale now, and that's not just our opinion, man (or feel free insert the quote homage of your choice).

It's $20 for general movie admission, and $30 to bowl, if you buy your ticket on the day of the dress-up bash.

As The Stranger might say, purchasing your ticket sooner than later is wiser than a whole treeful of owls.

So maybe take that Stranger-like advice and don't delay: Lebowski lovers are, after all, legion, devoted, and ready to turn out in robes in droves. 

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