Let's Commune for a Virtual Magic Hour

Enjoy a live Pacific sunset, thanks to a nightly Hotel Erwin livestream hosted by Discover LA.

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What to Know

  • Discover LA on Instagram or Facebook
  • Through April 30, 6:45-7:45 p.m.
  • Free

Every hour is a magical hour, anyone could accurately and poignantly argue.

But the Magic Hour? That time defined by the setting sun, the foamy waves, the sand, the gulls, and the ethereal moment when the day slips out the door and the evening enters?

That's all about the last rays of sunshine, of twilight's arrival, and, if you're feeling particularly poetic, and even a touch gooey, the glorious gloaming.

And few places capture the magic of Magic Hour like the California coastline.

That's where you find the gauzy orange of the sun, the twinkle of the just-showing stars, and the dark blue of the Pacific in full and fabulous form.

Discover LA knows that plenty of beach-loving people are missing their Magic Hours during these stay-at-home weeks, so the visit-LA organization is bring Magic Hour to our homes.

You can tune in nightly, on Discover LA's Facebook or Instagram, to see a livestream direct from the ocean-adjacent Hotel Erwin in Venice.

There are several dates to come, which is no surprise, for we can always depend upon the sun rising and setting, even during those days awash in unknowns.

And the sun will again set tomorrow, and the tomorrow after that, and the one after that, as it always does off the coast of Southern California: By taking a day-ending dip in the prettiest bath around, the Pacific.

You can, if you listen closely, almost hear the sun say "ahhhhh."

Wind down your afternoon, today or down the near road, by virtually gathering with other Angelenos, and any fans of our beautiful beaches, to toast the Magic Hour.

And then sit back and soak in the majesty of a soothing 60 minutes, even if you're far, physically though not in spirit, from the sand.

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