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Let's Discuss Downtown Disney's New Pickle Corn Dog

Pickles, panko, peanut butter, and corn dogs, too: Downtown Disney District's newest offbeat treat just launched in time for April eating fun.

Disneyland Resort

What to Know

  • Downtown Disney District in Anaheim
  • Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs Cart
  • Debuting April 2021

If you're a spot that's synonymous with sunshine-filled times, and people have come to expect that the eating experiences you serve up will reflect that merry spirit, it can be a cheerful challenge to stand apart from the pack.

But stand apart, our regional theme parks, county fairs, and annual food festivals so often do.

You can probably think of several sweets and eats that you associate with such places and events, if you're a theme park or fair fan, from fried Oreos at the Orange County Fair to frozen Butterbeer at Universal Studios Hollywood to boysenberry tamales at Knott's Berry Farm (or, really, boysenberry-anything).

Disneyland Resort has been in the stand-out supping spotlight for decades now, and it seems like the two Anaheim theme parks that comprise the resort, and Downtown Disney District as well as the resort hotels, are always creating chatter-worthy cuisine.

And such chitchat has been in full force on social sites as April 2021 began, thanks to the intriguing revelation that a new corn dog would soon debut at a Downtown Disney cart.

What's prompting the lively discussions on Disney fan sites? Say hello to the Pickle Corn Dog.

Let's get straight to it: This is a hot dog, inside a pickle, inside a crunchy crust consisting of a panko crumbs.

Oh yes: And there's peanut butter, served on the side, in place of the traditional corn dog condiments like ketchup, mustard, or even mayonnaise.

(Mayo on a corn dog? Please, let's not quibble or cast hard glances over this topic: Some people like it and that's that. Substitute ranch, mayo's BFF, if that makes it easier for you to consider.)

So would you take a bite, or several, of this already-buzzed-about snack?

A snack that is shaping up to be the must-try treat of springtime? And which may soon be popping up, photo after photo, on the Instagram feeds of Disney devotees across Southern California?

No one is asking you to leave corn dogs behind, if corn dogs are your favorites (and Disneyland Resort is also famous for its traditional takes on the deep-fried favorites).

Check out the Pickle Corn Dog here, and the other new-new-new nummables heading to The Happiest Place on Earth.

And did you hear Blue Bayou, the low-lit charmer of a restaurant inside the Pirates of the Caribbean space, will soon be serving adult beverages, including a Hurricane Cocktail?

We'll raise a Pickle Corn Dog, with a dollop of peanut butter, to that.

Both Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure reopen, by the by, on April 30.

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