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Lemurs and Libations: Brew at the LA Zoo Turns 10

The iconic animal park's sipping-est summer returns to raise a happy roar.

LA Zoo/Jamie Pham

What to Know

  • Friday, Aug. 12
  • $70 advance, $60 members, $40 designated drivers
  • 21+

Early August?

We're in the thick of summer's famous "Dog Days" when the seventh month concludes and the eighth month begins.

It's venerable term that has astronomical roots, thanks to the sun-adjacent rising (from our earthly viewpoint) of Sirius, the "dog star."

But the Dog Days are also the time of year that's focused on lions and koalas and flamingos and lots of other amazing critters, too. For Brew at the LA Zoo, which is marking its decade-versary in 2022, will arrive in August, all to give adult animal enthusiasts a few cooling sips and a break from the heat.

Siriusly, we need it.

And here's some doggone good news: The brew-tastic bash will be back on the second Friday of August, along with 45 craft brewers.

Indeed, this is a happening created for guests who are 21, or older, so plan to bring the youngsters to the Griffith Park destination on another day.

Strolling to admire the resident beasties as the sun bids us farewell and the stars begin to twinkle overhead? All while visiting with a good pal, talking about nature, and sipping fine libations?

Jamie Pham

That's part of the scene at this popular annual event, as are the informative keeper talks, which focus on a line-up of lizards, snakes, birds, and furry favorites.

The '80s are back with a vibrant vengeance this summer (though we suspect they never truly left), so prepare for vintage-flavored ditties, performed live, from Flashback Heart Attack. DJ Johnny Hawkes will also be spinning the feel-good tunes, too.

Food trucks will be at the ready, and "pub-style" eats will be available for purchase, too.

True, we're in the thick of the Dog Days, but our pooches surely won't mind if we spend one of those nights among other non-dog animals, seeing as how so many of us gladly make every single day of the year a dog-centric day.

For ticket information, as well as admission for designated drivers, visit the Brew at the LA Zoo site now.

Update: A previous headline read "lions and libations"; there are no lions currently at the LA Zoo, but several other animals call the park home, including lemurs, koalas, and bongos.

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